Why Collagen Is a Must-Have Supplement in My Routine

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Collagen hit all the top health media outlets a few years ago and has completely blown up in popularity ever since. But as trendy as it is, I don’t count it as one of those ‘here-one-day-gone-the-next’ superfoods like celery juice. Collagen is a truly nutrient dense and super beneficial protein. I’ve actually been enjoying collagen my whole life as it’s one of the only foods naturally found in is bone broth. Soups are very, very common in the Encarnacion household. I can remember my Mom simmering bones for hours on end steaming up the entire kitchen. Then she would load the broth up with some sort of meat, spices, and vegetables. I can almost taste it now.


What is Collagen?

First, what is protein? A protein is a long chain of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids; 9 of which we have to get from food (which are called essential) and 11 our body can create on its own (non-essential). Different types of proteins are made up of a combination of different amino acids and used differently in the body.

Collagen is ONE type of protein molecule. Other types include elastin, keratin, fibrin, enzymes, hemoglobin..the list goes on! Collagen is present almost as abundantly as water in our bodies as it makes up our tissue, skin, ligaments, and tendons, as well as part of our hair, nails, and bones.


What’s the Difference Between Type I, II and II Collagen?

Within the collagen category there are many different types of collagen (at least 25) but 3 that are most common.

Type I makes up most of the structural part of our skin, tendons, organs etc.

Type II is more specialized, it’s the main component of cartilage. It’s more expensive but really great for joints and of course cartilage.

Type III collagen is most abundantly found in bone marrow and is the kind we can easily get from making soups.

Type I and III are absorbed well together but it is recommended to take Type II on its own for best results!


What’s My Collagen Routine Right Now?

There are so many ways we can incorporate a collagen powder into our diet. Right now I use a Type I/Type III blend and add it to anything from matcha lattes to smoothies. It’s completely unflavored and 1 serving has 14g of protein! What’s great about collagen as a protein supplement is that it isn’t a whey or casein protein which are proteins derived from milk. Whey and Casein protein supplements can irritate sensitivities in many people and can also be hard on the gut. Collagen is actually the opposite in that it helps heals our gut and intestines.


I use the EVOLUTION 18 Collagen Peptide Powder. EVOLUTION 18 is backed by a fellow graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition so I know there is great nutrition education behind the products!


Aside from the Protein Collagen powder I’m also incorporating EVOLUTION 18’s Beauty Glow Capsules and the Super Fruit and Vegetables Beauty Blend Powder.

The Beauty Glow Capsules contain the Type II collagen mentioned above along with some skin supporting vitamins, E and C, to help support regeneration and combat signs of aging. I fully embrace aging, but Vitamin E and C are great for our skin regardless! I welcome the extra tightness and glow.  


The Super Fruit and Vegetables Beauty Blend Powder is loaded with antioxidants sourced from raw produce, along with powerful turmeric, and chlorella. Plus, a blend of healthy fats from coconuts, avocado, flaxseed etc. which are important for the absorption of the vitamins found in the fruit and veg. Not to mention, the powder includes a probiotic and fiber blend! I’m really excited about this one because it’s a whole-foods based multivitamin.


What’s also incredible about these products is that they are exclusively found at Walmart. No need to put in a separate order for your supplements, you can just pick them up in the store while running errands or order it here straight to your door.

The Beauty Powder is a game changer for busy females if you have a hard time getting in all of your servings of fruit and vegetables. Additionally, getting in enough protein can be tricky so adding a collagen protein supplement is a no brainer for me. It increases my protein intake and supports healthy growth of my organs, tissues, muscles, bone, skin, hair and nails!

Do you incorporate collagen into your routine? Comment below I’d love to know more.

This blog post was sponsored by Walmart & ShopStyle, but all opinions are 100% my own.


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